Parting ways

People operations

It's always sad when we have to part ways with an employee, whether because they have decided to pursue other opportunities or because they're not a good fit. When this happens, though, we want to make sure the offboarding experience is as smooth as possible for everyone involved.


The employment contract provides the worker with the option of withdrawing unilaterally from the contract by submitting his/her resignation.

International employees

The contract carries a Term and Termination clause. The term varies depending on the deal, it's usually 60 days, but please check your contract.

Italian employees

The resignation process is remote and can be sent in various ways:

  • Autonomously, on the website for all those who have INPS access credentials. Below is a link to a useful video tutorial.
  • By going to authorized entities, such as patronages, trade union organizations, certification commissions, bilateral entities, and, with the introduction of Legislative Decree 185/2016, also labor consultants and territorial offices at the National Labor Inspectorate ("Ispettorato Nazionale del Lavoro").

The resignation must be given with sufficient advance notice, variable depending on contract type as well as employment length and level. It is usually 20-30 days, but please check your individual case.


Sometimes, we're also forced to let an employee go. This can happen for a number of reasons, but usually it's the result of not being able to work productively in any of our projects or a critical lack of alignment between Nebulab and the employee.

If you are being let go, we want you to know how the situation will be handled and what you can expect from us:

  • We will announce the event the morning after the termination, to avoid rumors and unnecessary concerns among other team members.
  • We will protect your privacy by withholding any sensitive information about the reasons and circumstances around your termination.
  • We will only discuss our general practices for handling performance problems, to reassure team members that there is a fair process in place.

Of course, you're more than welcome to say goodbye and/or discuss any details of your termination with your colleagues.