Paid Time Off

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The workday for full-time contracts is comprised of 8 hours. You can decide to reduce your contract's work hours and opt for part-time work. Factorial is used for tracking PTOs and overtime.

Nebulab's PTO policy assigns every employee a number of days and a number of hours. Depending on the situation there are different PTO types you can use.

Full days off permits are granted for:

Hourly permits are granted for:

Keep in mind that that Nebulab's legal entity is in Italy so there are a few differences regarding how PTO is applied, despite the actual amount being the same everywhere.


There are 22 days of vacation per year. There's complete flexibility in using these days. Please try to be as much communicative as possible according to your responsibilities.

Vacation days accrued in a year must be used within 24 months: e.g., the remaining days on 31/12/2021 must be used by 31/12/2023.

You can find this type of PTO marked as Holidays on Factorial, you are required to manually report this type of PTO in advance.

Public Holidays

You have 11 days which are reported in the company calendar, based on your country of residence.

International employees

If a Public Holiday falls on non-working days you can take 1 or 2, according to how many days you lost, following working days off to make up for them.

You can report these days using the Make up for Public Holidays option in Factorial.

Italian employees

The national contract strictly defines the Italian Holidays, and you have 11 Public Holidays too.

A special mention goes to the Patron Saint holiday ("Santo Patrono"). The day of this holiday depends on where you work from:

  • Pescara: October 10th;
  • Latina: July 6th;
  • remote: October 10th.

On this day, our offices are not closed, and you can decide whether you want to work or not.

Since this is considered work on a holiday, your pay will be +30% the standard pay if you choose to come to the office or work remotely.

Sick leave

We support you in the unfortunate case of sick leave. We pay a different percentage of the daily pay for sick days, depending on the event number from the year beginning and the number of days. Rates are shown in this table:

% Pay Days 1-3 Days 4-20 Days 21+
Event 1 100% 25% 33%
Event 2 100% 25% 33%
Event 3 66% 25% 33%
Event 4 50% 25% 33%
Event 5+ 0% 25% 33%

The event counter resets when a new year arrives.

You can report these days using the Sick leave option in Factorial - you are also required to upload medical documentation, depending on your contract (details below).

International employees

To grant your sick leave, we need a medical certificate or medical care proof.

We highly recommend covering the earning loss risk with appropriate insurance coverage.

Italian employees

Employees must contact their physician to request a sick leave certificate. The employee must enter the certificate's unique code on the Factorial sick leave request.

Italian employees are required by the law to have health insurance. Nebulab will withheld the monthly amount for you. More details are available here.

Schedule flexibility

Depending on your contract you're expected to work a certain number of hours each day. By using Factorial's timesheet you can forego a strict schedule and work when you're most productive with full flexibility.

At the end of the month the Factorial timesheet will be used to compute how many hours you worked. This means you're not required to manually input PTO hours or overtime, everything will be handled for you automatically.

Each year you have a certain amount of PTO hours that are used exactly for this. If you've worked more than expected, you'll be paid for overtime - if you worked less, PTO hours will be detracted from your yearly budget. PTO hours will be detracted and overtime will be paid on a monthly basis.

The annual budget of PTO hours depends on how long you've been with us.

Length of service Hours/Year
0 - 24 32
25 - 48 60
>48 88

Special paid leave

In special cases you're eligible in requesting a special paid leave. Below is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Birth.
  • Marriage.
  • Death of relatives up to the second level.
  • Blood donation.

If you think you have the right to paid leave, write to the administrative manager (@endriu), who will check this for you.

You can report these days using the Special paid leave option in Factorial - depending on the type of leave it can be either hourly or daily, you are required to report both manually in advance.