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Congratulations on joining Nebulab! We're glad to have you aboard, and we can't wait to see what you will accomplish during your time here.

We know that joining a company such as Nebulab can be a little overwhelming: there's a lot of new faces to memorize, a lot of projects to explore and a lot of policies to learn. This is why we have developed an onboarding process that will help you get comfortable with how we do things around here.

Choose your gear

The first thing you want to do is choose your hardware. We not only provide our employees with a MacBook Pro, but also a wide range of accessories.

Head over to the Benefits page and make your choices!

Set up your tools

Next up, you should set up your company accounts and install all the tools we use:

  • Make sure you can sign into your work Google account, and that everything's in order both in Gmail and Google Calendar. You'll be using these extensively at Nebulab!
  • Use your Google account to sign into Slack.
  • Install Harvest, sign in, and make sure you can see all company-level projects and any client projects you've been assigned to.
  • Sign into Factorial and maybe download their mobile app too, so that you can easily submit expense reports when you're abroad.
  • Check that you're part of the Nebulab GitHub organization and update your company in your GitHub profile!

If you need any help, don't be afraid to reach out to the person who handled your onboarding!

Meet your mentor

You've been assigned a mentor, who will be with you during your entire stay at Nebulab!

Your mentor will help you grow personally and professionally and will be your point of reference for everything about your relationship with Nebulab. Our mentoring practices are explained more thoroughly in Mentoring and 1:1s.

When you join the company, your mentor will reach out to schedule your first 1:1, where you'll get to know each other and structure your mentorship together.

Meet your engineering manager

Most likely, you also already have an engineering manager, who will be your technical supervisor for all client work.

Your engineering manager will reach out to set up a call with the rest of your project's team, so that you get to know the project and the people you'll be working with.

Read this playbook

Finally, when you've completed all the steps, we suggest reading the rest of this playbook!

You don't have to do it all in one day, or even in one week: simply take the time you need to go through the content and fully understand it. If needed, make notes of the aspects that are not clear and ask for clarification or, better yet, open a PR to improve them!