People operations

We hire people in different regions and countries. Every market is different, and it can be challenging to be competitive and fair in making an offer for the same role but in a different region. The best way to deal with this is by localizing compensation to the local market.

Why we pay local salaries

The reasons why we value this policy as a critical success factor, both in hiring talented people and being fair and profitable as a company, are:

  • having a strict salary structure will bring low competitiveness in high salary regions – this mainly means that we can't hire people in that area;
  • having a strict salary structure will bring high competitiveness in low salary regions – this will bring a geographical concentration of team members, instead of a distributed team which represents our main goal. Besides, we don’t want unhappy employees keeping their job at Nebulab simply because they have a competitive salary;
  • it's fair for anyone having the same relative wage for the same role – team members are treated equally by the company, which brings a sense of fairness to the team.


What if someone relocates (for the long-term) outside their current area? We go through the Offer step once again to define a new salary localized to the new location.