People operations

We maintain a competitive set of benefits that are aimed at improving the productivity and promoting the personal and professional well-being of all teammates.

We're constantly iterating on this list based on the feedback we get from the team so, if you have any ideas, feel free to tell your manager!

Remote-first culture

We've been fully distributed company since our birth in 2011. Every process, policy and interaction is obsessively designed to be remote-first, and everyone is free to design their work schedule however they like.

While we consider this to be more of a fundamental choice than a benefit, being able to work from home and use those commute hours to spend time with yourself and your loved ones is definitely a nice addition!

Personal and professional development

At Nebulab, you'll have plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development. In fact, supporting your growth continuously and systematically is one of your manager's main responsibilities.

In practice, this benefit takes different forms:

  • Every teammate gets 10% of their work hours every year to spend however they want: you can study a new language, work on an open-source project, write a book, or simply disconnect from work and recharge your batteries.
  • We'll reimburse any industry-related books, workshops and courses, subject to your manager's approval. Whatever you need to keep learning!
  • We provide a yearly conference budget that covers travel, accommodation and conference tickets.
  • If you're not fully comfortable with your English proficiency, we will happily pay for your English lessons. We recommend italki, but you can expense any other similar platform.

Generous PTO

Everyone at Nebulab should work at a healthy, sustainable pace and take time off to mentally disconnect from work and recharge.

In total all teammates get up to 35 days of PTO (paid time off) per year. 22 days of regular PTO and up to 104 hours per year (depending on their tenure) for schedule flexibility. This allows you to come in a little late, leave a little earlier or take a few hours off every now and then. You can use it to just take full days off too.

In addition to that all teammates get 11 days for national holidays and additional permits for sick leave and special paid leave.

Team retreats

Each year, we organize a team retreat in some amazing location around the world to get to know each other in real life and spend some time together.

Curious about what a Nebulab team retreat looks like? Check out the video and website of our last team retreat!

Software budget

We reimburse for any software you need to do your job, up to €150/year. This can be spent on your IDE, productivity tools or anything else that you find useful!

Hire kit

Hire kit

All new team members receive a hardware hire kit that includes: