What mentors do

Mentoring people

Mentoring is an essential aspect of Nebulab: our focus on personal and professional growth is one of the main reasons people decide to join us. In turn, this focus allows us to stay relevant and to provide world-class consulting services to our clients. As you may imagine, being a mentor in Nebulab is kind of a big deal!

A mentor has many different responsibilities towards the company and their mentees, among them:

  • Mentors ensure their mentees are always happy and growing, both as people and professionals.
  • Mentors are the bridge between their mentees and Nebulab, relaying information back and forth.
  • Mentors run regular 1:1s with their mentees to provide feedback and answer questions.
  • Mentors evaluate their mentees with the competency matrix and propose promotions.

Being one of our most crucial responsibilities and one of the activities with the highest impact on Nebulab and its team members, mentoring can only be provided by a restricted group of people who have proven to be exceptionally capable of leading others. This group currently includes the Directors and EM4/EM5 Engineering Managers, but we may expand or change the requirements in the future.