Internal projects

While we maintain a bunch of small open-source libraries, none of them can be compared to the scale and impact of Solidus.

Solidus is an open-source eCommerce framework based on Ruby on Rails, specifically aimed at brands that want to heavily customize their eCommerce experience rather than going with a more traditional SaaS solution such as Shopify. Solidus provides the foundation of your eCommerce business, but allows you to fully customize and replace any aspects of it.

We didn't originally develop Solidus, but rather we inherited it from the community, and we work on it along with the rest of the agencies and brands that use it on a daily basis. All of our work is free and open-source, and it's our way of saying thank you and giving back to the community.

Because the vast majority of our work is with Solidus, we have a dedicated team working on the product full-time, and we also lead any marketing and business-related initiatives around the platform. The project's roadmap is based on the feedback we receive from the community as well as the needs of the brands that we work with—this ensures that everything we do has a real use case rather than just being a thought experiment.

Working with Solidus is as challenging as it is rewarding: the ecosystem is huge, and improving it without disrupting the workflow of existing users is a fun and stimulating experience. All of our engineers are encouraged to contribute to Solidus with tweaks and improvements, but you can also hit up your manager to inquire about the possibility of working on the platform full-time!