Internal projects

All teammates are welcome and encouraged to contribute to our blog. This is a space for us to share our thoughts and learnings, as well as to refine our understanding of complex topics: you only truly understand something once you can explain it to someone else!

There are no strict guidelines on which topics to write about on the blog: we talk about software development, design, eCommerce, leadership and anything else that seems like it might be a good fit. As a rule of thumb, we try to keep our articles short and practical—long-form and thought leadership pieces are still welcome, but not a requirement. If you're unsure whether something might make a good blog post, ping the #blog channel in Slack and ask for advice!

We also keep a running list of blogpost ideas, and everyone is free to pick one and start writing about it. This is very useful if you want to write a blogpost but lack the inspiration, or have a great idea for a blogpost but simply lack the time to execute on it. Just make sure to coordinate with each other and capture the original intent behind each blogpost.