About us

All of us, in our work, have direct relations with colleagues and stakeholders, such as clients, other development teams, members of the OSS community and other professionals. The relationship established with them is fundamental: we must always keep in mind all the values and standards that Nebulab aims to represent and uphold.

Working at Nebulab means investing in an all-round collaboration context. It is essential to support one another as well as coordinate with each other in an attempt to compensate any shortcomings of other team members.

Be honest.

  • We choose the right solutions over the convenient ones.
  • We work and communicate sincerely and loyally.
  • We speak up when a decision could damage our clients.
  • We only bill our clients for the hours we actually work for them.

Be transparent.

  • We communicate with simplicity, clarity, and precision.
  • We make all the information at our disposal available.
  • We respond to questions and concerns in a timely fashion.
  • We keep track of our output in agreed-upon tools.

Enjoy both life and work.

  • We work at a sustainable pace.
  • We create a fun work environment.
  • We make space for the things that matter to us.
  • We work in harmony with our personal values.

Be committed to clients.

  • We act as if we were spending our own money, not our clients'.
  • We work to make sure the problems we solve never happen again.
  • We approach problems critically, researching all possible solutions.
  • We are empathetic towards our clients' needs and concerns.

Strive for excellence, not perfection.

  • We find the sweet spot between technical perfection and business value.
  • We stick to battle-tested tools and methodologies which are right for the job.
  • We focus on the value of our solutions instead of engaging in thought experiments.

Build valuable human connections.

  • We share our knowledge in all possible ways with the community.
  • We train our clients on our way of working and learn from theirs.
  • We create an environment of constant growth for our teammates.
  • We strive to understand everyone at both a personal and professional level.