Our vision

About us

Everything we do at Nebulab, we do under the same vision: to empower a new generation of eCommerce brands to stand out. We want to see more brands that are authentic, alive and sophisticated—brands that feel like homes to their customers. We create such brands by providing our partners and the larger eCommerce community with our tools and our expertise.

While effecting this change in our industry, we also pursue a second, equally important goal: to create the best possible consulting firm for designers and engineers to thrive. Rather than seeing consulting as a zero-sum game, we see it as a reinforcing loop: the work we do for clients and for the community inspires us to continuously improve ourselves as people, as professionals and as a company, which in turn allows us to raise the bar even higher in our work.

We get closer to our vision when we ship eCommerce products that make us proud, when we improve the lives of our team, or when we share our experience with the community through our blog and our contributions to Solidus and other open-source software.

Most importantly, we learn continuously while doing all of the above. We take pride and joy in this process of continuous, deliberate learning and transformation—in fact, we consider it to be the driving force behind our success.