About us

Nebulab was founded by two developers and one designer with a shared desire: to create a company that delivers exceptionally high-quality digital products. No compromises allowed.

Today Nebulab is a growing company of digital consulting experts specialized in designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality eCommerce applications.

We strive to produce high-quality work basing our processes and company life on lean principles and respect for the people we work with: our teammates, the Open Source community, and our clients.


We strongly believe in personal and professional growth, a sustainable pace, and a healthy work-life balance. That’s the reason we aim at providing the best place to work: a place where learning and sharing are possible, and benefits go along with a tailored growth path.

Open Source

Getting involved in Open Source by learning, coding, and giving back is our way to succeed. This endless cycle allows us to improve our skills, find new clients, and inspire others using Open Source to do the same.


We collaborate with companies that share our mindset and working values such as professionalism, transparency, and a sense of mutual respect and cooperation. Our team of trusted, engaged, and motivated individuals understand our clients' real needs and drive them to success through a high level of empathy, autonomy, and technical skills.